Magdalena Witkiewicz – writer website

What should be the writer’s website? First of all useful for fans, so not only should consist of a catalog of written books. The writer’s website must reflect his personality and activity.


Magdalena Witkiewicz – website has:

  • Calendar that is syncs with Google Calendar – so Writer do not have to duplicate your work, and information about upcoming appointments and events is presented on the page without unnecessary delays,
  • Books catalouge with short summary,
  • Information on translations of books into other languages
  • Blog – with news, plans, special evens,
  • Contact data – personal and for managment,
  • Standard info about writer.

In the near future will be launched online store where you will be able to purchase not only books but also interesting extras and gadgets.

Magdalena Witkiewicz blog
Magdalena Witkiewicz blog

The website has been based on a WordPress engine, optimized for search engines, and also linked to social media channels – facebook, instagram, youtube.

Marketing tools for the writer

Today, writers care about being in constant contact with their readers and fans. Informing about plans, events, meetings with readers is now an essential part of the writer’s activity. A well-designed website is a great tool for communication and marketing for the creator. Most creators of marketing all turn to the publisher, which unfortunately does not fully utilize the capabilities of today’s marketing tools.

Today’s writer must also take care of his own marketing, fortunately it is not very difficult. The basis is a well-made and managed website, active social media profiles, and ideas for keeping readers interested.

Communication and marketing tools for the writer:

  • Website – updated and developed,
  • Newsletter – a mechanism for periodic contact with readers,
  • Social media channels – Facebook, YouTube / Writers profiles are usually from several to several hundred thousand fans

Skilful use of the above instruments will allow for the development of „own brand” or even for self-selling or distribution … because who said that the writer can not sell (alone) his books? Today is possible.