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We have prepared many projects with varying degrees of complexity and functionality. The portfolio below presents our most interesting website implementations. The websites run on WordPress.

A search engine for specialist doctors - a website for psychiatrists

Psychiatrists Wrocław is an online directory of specialist doctors. This is a site that really connects patients with the right doctors. Simply enter the name of the disease to get a list of results with references to the appropriate doctors in your case.

The WordPress theme used on this website functions as a directory of doctors. A special search engine filters the results according to many criteria. By entering the type of disease, the user receives a list of psychiatrists who specialize in the treatment of a specific disease. The result is a list of specialist doctors, each doctor has a description, photos, schedule of hours and places where he works.

Wyszukiwarka lekarzy - strona internetowa - WordPress

An important part is the opinions of patients expressed in the ratings under each doctor. Thanks to this, everyone can check not only the bio doctor, but also the verified opinions of patients.

url: http://psychiatrzy.wroclaw.pl

We are always happy when the website that we implement as an agency meets such important goals and is genuinely useful for the recipients.

Albena Grabowska - writer website development, updates and development

We have designed an official website for Albena Grabowska – a writer with great talent and achievements. The website for such a well-known writer required all its creative views to be on it. There is a catalog of books, a subpage of the „Stulecie Winnych”, a subpage of the musical „Pora Jeziora”.

Based on her novel „Stulecie Winnych”, several seasonal popular series was created, which enjoys millions of viewers. For the purposes of the presentation of the Century, we have prepared an extensive subpage with multimedia and … recipes of one of the main characters of the saga. There are interviews about the movie, trivia.

We proposed that bio writers should also be placed in foreign languages, and there are 5 of them. Thanks to this, publishers from other parts of the world will gain easy access to basic information about the writer.

At the request of Ms Albena, we also took care of updating the page in the news.

link: https://albenagrabowska.pl/

Ilona Kowalska - website of a psychologist

WordPress website design for psychologist. The perfect website for a person running a medical and therapeutic practice. Information about specialization, scope of treatment, therapeutic methods.

Link to the website: https://psychologilona.pl/

The site contains information about the psychologist. Contact details, blog. Everything is complemented by large illustrative photos referring to the visualization of achieving health, balance, happiness and peace.

Max Czornyj – author website

Max Czornyj - strona internetowa pisarza - platforma WordPress

We have created an atmospheric website that presents an extensive collection of books written by him.

Link to the website: https://maxczornyj.pl/
The catalog of books has been arranged and presented in series, the expansion of which is simple and, most importantly, legible and logical for the recipient.

A writer as a media figure must have a tab like the media
Professional and intriguing photos are available for download for traditional or digital media. Taking care of your own image is an important element in literary creation.

Max Czornyj is also very active in the area of his social media (FB, Instagram), the website contains all the links leading to his profiles.

The blog has a publishing and loose as well as organizational function, e.g. book announcements, meetings, interesting facts.

Website for the Foundation

strona internetowa dla fundacji

Foundations or organizations of public benefit or carrying out social missions should present their motivations and goals in a clear and comprehensive way. This is best done through the website as the first source of information.

One of our recent projects is a website for the foundation prepared for the Battle of Komarow Association.

Link: https://www.zbudujmypomnik.pl/ (and its English version https://donate4cavalry.com/).

The project aims to inform about an important historical event which was the victorious Battle of Komarow.

The website informs about the goals of the foundation and the stages of project implementation.
Online fundraising system on the foundation’s website

The site offers a fundraiser for the construction of a monument to cavalry glory. Deposits are made using an online mechanism that allows you to make a donation to the foundation.

Donors can use ready-made packages or pay any amount. Depending on the request, the fundraising summary page may or may not contain information about the payer and the amount they have donated. You can also add a personal comment there under the payment.

Thanks to this solution, the foundation’s activity gains transparency as to the collected funds.

Law firm's website


Kancelaria Frankowicza is a special project dedicated to borrowers in terms of their goals and solutions. A law firm’s website offers much more specific solutions and help than other law firms.

Link: https://kancelariafrankowicza.pl

It is important for every visitor to the website to understand its purpose as soon as possible. This design of the „hero image” section contains clear and broad messages for its future customers. You can contact us if … and here scenarios of events illustrated with icons.

The color green is used in finance, so its use is justified, besides everything it is also the color of hope.

The recipient knows almost immediately that the law firm will take care of his case, even if, for example, 10 years have passed since the conclusion of the contract or if the borrower is currently not paying off the debt.

One of the most important tools on this website is a frank calculator (made by another company), which allows you to precisely calculate the debt and any cost variants. Such results are sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The effectiveness of the solution is confirmed by positive comments from users.

website and shop for a writer


A website for Dawid Waszak is a project built not only from classic solutions appropriate for writers’ websites. In this case, we implemented the WooCommerce online store, which, judging by the sales statistics, is doing quite well. The website has an economical and tasteful design that harmonizes with the style and image of the writer.

Dawid Waszak is a writer who uses the following conventions: horror, crime fiction, sensation, thriller, fiction. He gathered a large group of fans of his talent and style, as evidenced by the number of fans on FB (50k +) and followers (10k +) on Instagram.

link: https://dawidwaszak.pl/
Shop + Newsletter on the website

The heart of the website is the WordPress system, along with the WooCommerce mechanisms (online store) and MailPoet – the newsletter system.

In the store, you can buy the published books at an attractive price (or pre-premiere) and each of them will be signed with the author’s autograph. Additionally, you can buy gadgets that will please every reader.

By combining these elements, you can better and more effectively manage the promotion and marketing of the writer’s books.

The newsletter not only allows for personalized messages sent in the form of mailing, but also enables integration with the store. Each buyer can easily add himself to the mailing list while shopping. Notification of each new entry on the writer’s blog is automatically sent to people who subscribed to the newsletter. Thanks to this solution, several hundred people are immediately and in a friendly manner informed about new products.

Ryszard Ćwirlej The writer's website


Ryszard Ćwirlej to znany, ceniony, popularny (kilkukrotnie nagroda Wielkiego Kalibru) i poczytny pisarz. Jest również wykładowcą akademickim i dziennikarzem. Jego książki są podzielone na dwie serie. Pierwsza opowiada o Milicjantach / Policjantach z Poznania. Druga to przedwojenne przygody komisarza Antoniego Fischera.

Naszym zadaniem było przedstawienie w jak najpełniejszy i najciekawszy sposób wszystkich aktywności pisarza.

Link do strony: ryszardcwirlej.pl

Zastosowane rozwiązania: Animacje, Blog (literatura, kultura, polityka, media), Multimedia (audio i video), Materiały do pobrania, Bio + działalność naukowa, Spotkania – zapowiedzi.

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